Mobile Rifle Rack

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Why use a mobile rifle rack? Typical rifle racks are inherently non-mobile. Attached to a wall, sitting inside your gun cabinet or gun safe, or on the floor - you typically don't have a way to easily hold, store, or keep your AR platform rifle off the ground, out of the mud, water, or [...]

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

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Most people right now are looking for Fathers Day gift ideas. If your dad or husband has an AR-15 rifle, we have an easy solution if you're looking for Father's Day gift ideas: A Redneck Rifle Hanger Mobile Rifle Rack.

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What is a Mobile Rifle Rack?

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What is a mobile rifle hanger or rifle rack? Typically, storage of a firearm is limited to inside a safe, in a case, or on a display rack. What if you could store your rifle anywhere you can hang a coat hanger? With a mobile rifle rack such as the Redneck Rifle Hanger, rifle owners [...]

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New Batch Dinged and Scratched Sale – Now Shipping!

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As is the case with all new batches, a few products weren't treated with the tender care and nurturing love that most of our rifle hangers are typically treated with. These are the battle-hardened rifle hangers - the hangers that don't give a damn about how they look. What they do care about is how [...]

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Rifle Hanger Giveaway

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We all love free stuff, right? We've decided to sponsor a rifle hanger giveaway by the experts over at Learning Firearms. Check out the video below, and follow their instructions. You'll need to visit their video page here to comment in order to be entered into their giveaway. Two winners will receive a Redneck Rifle [...]

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Live at the Grand Rapids Gun Show

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Living in Michigan, we get to enjoy quite a few things: Four amazing seasons, great hunting, thousands of lakes, rivers, and trails, tons of other stuff, and gun shows. The Grand Rapids Gun Show in Wyoming, MI is a great place to find tons of guns, gun accessories, ammunition, and an answer to just about [...]

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Redneck Rifle Hanger Review

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With so many choices in how to store your rifle - AR-15 specifically, we feel that there's nothing that helps make a decision like an honest review - especially by those who really know what they're talking about. Recently, Learning Firearms (http://www.learningfirearms.com) released their Redneck Rifle Hanger review video. We appreciate the honest Redneck Rifle [...]

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Redneck Rifle Hanger Giveaway Winners!

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Thanks to everyone who entered the Redneck Rifle Hanger Giveaway! We're pretty pumped to be able to send out our hangers to a few of our fans. Our two winners are: Stephen B. - Our neighbor in Iowa - We love Graham's Ice Cream in Ottumwa ;) Nicholas H. - Representing those fine folks in [...]

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Rifle Hanger Giveaway!

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We're currently giving away two (2) of our Redneck Rifle Hangers. What exactly is a Redneck Rifle Hanger? It's a rifle rack for your AR-15 that you can hang anywhere you can hang a coat hanger. One of our users had this to say: "It's a brilliantly simple tool to keep my AR handy." ...and it's [...]

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Why is Buying American and “Made in the USA” So Important?

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Why is buying American and "Made in the USA" is so important to us and why does it give us that extra warm and fuzzy feeling? Here are our reasons for making sure that our product continues to be made right here in America - specifically, Michigan. Quality Slowly, people are realizing that they would rather buy one [...]

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Men’s Valentine Gift Ideas

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Looking for men's Valentine's Day gift ideas? Ladies, we're going to let you in on a secret. Men want guns from you on Valentine's Day. Actually, they don't want a gun from you as much as they want you to give them the green light on purchasing that gun they've been obsessing over. So, what you [...]

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Is Your Gun Safe Really “Safe”?

By |2016-10-29T12:19:55+00:00January 25th, 2015|News|

Most people think that if they have a gun safe, that's the end all to their gun storage concerns. What most of those people don't realize is that many gun safes are overpriced boxes built as cheaply as possible, that can be easily broken into in a matter of minutes. Depending [...]

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