Wall racks for rifles are a common product to find online. Often, wall racks are thin, cheap, and made in China. Reading reviews, you’ll see that the quality is low and these Chinese products are poorly made, using sloppy standards. Of course, there are different methods of holding a rifle. Wall racks hold your gun in place horizontally with the barrel pointing to the left or to the right. The Redneck Rifle Hanger is different as it will hold the rifle vertically, with the barrel pointed down. In our opinion, this is the safest method of holding a rifle as well storing in our opinion – especially if you are using the Redneck Rifle Hanger outdoors (which wall racks can’t do).

Check out what an Amazon reviewers say about their Chinese wall racks:

“Stunningly bad quality! Poorly made. The holes on the hooks are so poorly drilled that they cannot fit on a wall flush without extruded metal digging into the surface. The rubber pads were both completely off so the hooks had ZERO padding. The washers are so thin as to be worthless and two of them were not even complete circles. Stunningly bad quality!”

“Not as described. When they arrived the screws weren’t matching the hooks like in the picture.”

Our product is made in the USA, is mobile, and is STRONG.

The Redneck Rifle Hanger can be used as a wall rack with just one solid mount to hang from. No need for multiple (cheaply made) screws and thin washers. With our rifle hanger, you have complete freedom to use in the garage, in a tree, on your truck, from a sturdy line – ANYWHERE you want that can hold the weight of your rifle.