Black Friday Gun Sales are out there but we wanted to offer a useful accessory for your gun that’s MADE IN THE USA. If you have an AR-15 platform rifle, we have a Black Friday sale for you.

The Redneck Rifle Hanger gives you the ability to easily store your AR-15 rifle vertically by hanging.

ar15 rifle rack

Using the Redneck Rifle Hanger gives you to easily hang your rifle almost anywhere sturdy enough to hold the weight of your rifle and is one of the best Christmas gifts you can get for someone who owns an AR-15 platform rifle.

Here are some ideas of where to hang your rifle:

  • Closets – between layers of clothing.
  • Garages – quick and easy access.
  • Branches – in order to keep your rifle off the ground and out of the dirt and mud.
  • Inside large safe – running a horizontal bar across the inside of your gun safe allows you to hang multiple rifles, freeing up floorspace for other items.

We’re sure there are lots of other Black Friday Gun Sales out in the wild, but for the price of a box of ammo you can have a tool that will last you a lifetime.

The Redneck Rifle Hanger is made of strong stainless steel and will not rust. The hanger only touches your rifle in two spots and protects your rifle in those two spots with soft vinyl.