As gun owners, we often need simple, quick, effective, and cheap gun storage – whether during a multi-gun cleaning session in the garage, setting up camp, or just relaxing out in the woods. Sometimes setting the rifle on the ground – in the mud or fine sand isn’t exactly the perfect scenario for keeping our sexy equipment functioning properly. Redneck Rifle Hangers are the perfectly affordable solution for keeping your AR style rifle out of the mud, off the ground, or just quickly and easily accessible. Handmade in the USA from super-strong steel and coated with a protective, waterproof vinyl, the RNRH will be able to go with you everywhere and also make it easy to hang your rifle once you’re there.

Redneck Rifle Hangers can be used to hang your AR style rifle from (please note that all of the items below would need to be rated for the weight of your rifle):

  • Horizontal hooks
  • Horizontal nails
  • Horizontally strung rope
  • Vertical rope with loop(s)
  • Vehicles
  • Tree limbs
  • Tent poles
  • Fences
  • Wire
  • Closets
  • Inside your safe

A Redneck Rifle Hanger is quick, easy, and cheap gun storage. For less than a box of ammo, you could have a multi-use tool that will last a lifetime. And yes, my wife uses one to hang the bird feeder as well. 3 years outdoors and no rust.

Are you an airsoft player? Need a quick solution between Airsoft tournaments? The RNRH will work with your AEG as well!