Father’s Day Gift Idea – 2021

By |2021-06-08T21:25:39+00:00June 8th, 2021|News|

Looking for a Father's Day gift idea for 2021? Of course we're a little partial and really only offer one product, so that's what we're going to recommend. For Father's Day this year get your dad something he isn't expecting - a Redneck Rifle Hanger. If your dad is a gun lover, there's a [...]

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Cheap AR-15 Accessories

By |2021-05-14T13:59:50+00:00April 24th, 2021|News|

When it comes to finding cheap AR-15 accessories, there are lots of options. When it comes to high-quality, cheap AR-15 accessories - things get a little tougher to find. Like most firearm accessories, items that are affordable tend to be made in China. Chinese quality is typically low. The general thought is "It's cheap [...]

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Best Christmas Gifts for Gun Owners

By |2020-12-15T05:26:34+00:00December 15th, 2020|News, Not Our Gear But We Like It|

What are the best Christmas gifts for gun owners? What are the best Christmas gifts for gun owners you ask? That's a really tough question. That's probably why you're reading this. As gun owners, we know we want to use with our guns, most likely have multiple guns for multiple purposes and we do [...]

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Weatherproof Rifle Hanger

By |2020-11-28T14:58:22+00:00November 28th, 2020|News|

A weatherproof rifle hanger is an absolute necessity when parts are meant to be kept outdoors. One of the best weatherproof materials for products for this is stainless steel. V2.0 of the Redneck Rifle Hanger is made of heavy-duty stainless steel so it will never rust. This means you can keep one inside and [...]

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TheGunCollective YouTube Channel Features the Redneck Rifle Hanger

By |2020-10-19T19:41:16+00:00October 19th, 2020|News|

It looks like Jon Patton of the popular YouTube channel "TheGunCollective" found the Redneck Rifle Hanger and thought it was "...an extremely simple product but potentially has huge value." He continues, "Being able to hang a gun in a closet or other discreet location has potential to bring real value to people. That could [...]

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Kotaboy32 Reviews the Redneck Rifle Hanger

By |2020-10-16T18:09:18+00:00October 7th, 2020|News|

If you missed the recent Redneck Rifle Hanger review by Kotaboy32  - feel free to check it out. He does a great job showcasing how the Redneck Rifle Hanger works in your closet to easily conceal just about any style of AR-15 you can think of. Thanks again to Kotaboy32. If you're not a [...]

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Rifle Hangers – Why Go Mobile??

By |2020-09-21T15:47:22+00:00September 21st, 2020|News|

Rifle hangers are typically an afterthought. You've just purchased or built your new AR-15 and have chosen all accessories - or have you? You'll probably not be carrying your rifle 24/7 and if you're out in the field, do you have a method of keeping your rifle off the ground? As a weapon system [...]

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Rifle Wall Hooks

By |2020-09-15T20:43:23+00:00September 15th, 2020|News|

Rifle wall hooks can be used as a permanent method of storing your AR-15 rifle at home, but what about out in the field? What happens if you want to move it to another location indoors? The Redneck Rifle Hanger's ability to allow you to hang your rifle from anywhere indoors or outdoors gives [...]

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AR-15 Rifle Accessories

By |2020-09-10T15:35:12+00:00September 10th, 2020|News|

AR-15 rifle accessories are everywhere. From lasers and flashlights to scopes, stocks, and grips. What else could you possibly need for your AR? One thing most people need beyond the typical AR-15 rifle accessories is a means of keeping your rifle off the ground, out of the dirt, and easily accessible. The Redneck Rifle [...]

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AR-15 Rifle Rack

By |2020-08-31T21:37:26+00:00August 31st, 2020|News|

Finding a quality AR-15 rifle rack isn't as easy as you would think. When looking for something to use with your custom AR, we know you're looking for something that's made in the USA, strong, and gentle on your rifle. Some other things you may or may not be looking for are: Mobility Concealability Durability [...]

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What About Airsoft Rifle Storage?

By |2020-08-31T19:01:16+00:00August 25th, 2020|News|

Airsoft rifle storage - we understand that some airsoft rifles are very similar in weight and almost exact in dimensions as real AR/M4 rifles. They are not cheap and can easily cost upwards of $500 or more and you don't just want to throw your expensive equipment into a box if you can easily [...]

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Wall Racks for Rifles?

By |2020-08-25T18:10:38+00:00August 25th, 2020|News|

Wall racks for rifles are a common product to find online. Often, wall racks are thin, cheap, and made in China. Reading reviews, you'll see that the quality is low and these Chinese products are poorly made, using sloppy standards. Of course, there are different methods of holding a rifle. Wall racks hold your gun [...]

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