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Need Fathers Day Gift Ideas?

Most people right now are looking for Fathers Day gift ideas. If your dad or husband has an AR-15 rifle, we have an easy solution if you’re looking for Father’s Day gift ideas: A Redneck Rifle Hanger Mobile Rifle Rack.

So what exactly is a mobile rifle rack? If your dad or husband has an AR-15, a mobile rifle rack allows him to hang his rifle anywhere you can hang a coat hanger and that can support the weight of the rifle. This includes closets, inside gun safes, horizontal poles, tree branches, heavy nails, hooks, and anything else your father may want to temporarily hang  his AR platform rifle safely from. If you’re wondering why a mobile rifle rack is one of many great Fathers Day gift ideas, just keep on reading.

What does a Redneck Rifle Hanger do?

  • Keeps his rifle off the ground and out of the dirt, mud or water
  • Allows him to hang the lower portion of the rifle while cleaning the upper
  • Keeps the rifle hidden if needed (between two coats or long shirts, pants, etc. in the closet)
  • He can take it with him – easily fits or can be strapped to a rucksack
  • If he doesn’t have an AR platform rifle, it gives him an excuse to get one
  • Successful Father’s Day Gift for 2015

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Happy Father’s Day ~

Other Father’s Day options
(hoping our families will read this)

  • Porterhouse steaks – $20+
  • A few growlers of our favorite brews (Bells, Founders, or Greenbush recommended) – $15 each
  • Nothing requiring dressing up – FREE
  • A few new fishing lures for a renewed hope that we will catch something next time $25
  • Ammo (ask us what kind) – $Never cheap enough
  • New mechanix/work gloves – $20
  • Babysitter for a night with wife – $25
redneck rifle hanger review
redneck rifle hanger mobile rifle rack