What is a mobile rifle hanger or rifle rack?

Typically, storage of a firearm is limited to inside a safe, in a case, or on a display rack. What if you could store your rifle anywhere you can hang a coat hanger?

With a mobile rifle rack such as the Redneck Rifle Hanger, rifle owners get freedom to keep or hang their AR style rifles anywhere they need such as:

  • Closets (hidden between your clothes)
  • Garage
  • Backside of a door
  • Inside a cabinet
  • Tree limb or thick branch (camping, hiking, or hunting)
  • Railing

Your rifle is mobile, so why shouldn’t your rifle rack be mobile too? The idea for a light, yet sturdy mobile rifle rack came from a personal need and has been developed into a product that gets great reviews from everyone who uses it. The Redneck Rifle Hanger is made in the USA. Specifically, Michigan.

We love hearing stories of how you’ve used yours. Feel free to let us know by sending us an email.