A Simple Strength Test

We keep a Redneck Rifle Hanger outdoors – hanging on a tree in the side yard. It’s been out there for almost 6 months in the weather in order to test its longevity. It’s easy to forget that it’s there but this past weekend with all of the leaves gone on that tree, I noticed it there. Just sitting, begging me to do something with it so I decided to run a quick strength test on it. Grabbing a strap, I quickly tied up a cinder block and hooked it to the lower support of the rifle hanger. Without any problems at all – it worked, but we knew that was going to happen as the rifle hanger is strong, made in the USA from thick, high quality steel, but the cinder block didn’t phase it at all.

I looked at the stack of cinder blocks and thought it would be good to continue the test “Just in case someone throws a scope on their AR-15 that’s got some really heavy glass…” So, I grabbed another cinder block, strapped it up, and hung it on the rifle hanger in the same spot. IT HELD. With an average weight of 30 lbs each – I just hung TWO cinder blocks for a total of 60 lbs from a Redneck Riflehanger without any issue whatsoever. This demonstrates the strength of this rifle hanger. Strong – Made in the USA – Able to hold the weight of two cinder blocks without bending due to the design and quality material used.

In the end, of course I wanted to hang another block from it, making it 90 lbs but decided against it because I didn’t feel like breaking the tree limb.

Of course, nobody is going to need to hang that amount of weight from a rifle hanger, but what we do want is a product that is rigid, strong, and that will last a lifetime across all conditions.