Why use a mobile rifle rack?

Typical rifle racks are inherently non-mobile. Attached to a wall, sitting inside your gun cabinet or gun safe, or on the floor – you typically don’t have a way to easily hold, store, or keep your AR platform rifle off the ground, out of the mud, water, or even high enough to stay out of reach of little hands. You can now easily take your rifle rack with you to use wherever you need.

The beauty of the super-strong, super-lightweight, made in America mobile rifle rack is the ability to easily take it with you anywhere. Got a branch, bar, nail, screw strong enough to hold the weight of your rifle? If so, you’ve got a means of quickly hanging or storing your rifle.

The Redneck Rifle Hanger – Mobile Rifle Rack is easy to take with you and can be used for all types of AR platform rifles. Made with 1/4″ steel and dipped in a soft-touch vinyl coating our mobile rifle rack will hold your rifle with whatever scope or AR accessory you have mounted to it and will do so without scratching or impeding key areas such as the dust cover, selector lever, mag well, butt stock, side, top, or bottom rails.

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mobile rifle rack - AR

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