Rifle wall hooks can be used as a permanent method of storing your AR-15 rifle at home, but what about out in the field? What happens if you want to move it to another location indoors? The Redneck Rifle Hanger’s ability to allow you to hang your rifle from anywhere indoors or outdoors gives you freedom that you’ve never had. Typically, rifle wall hooks use stationary, horizontal mount methods that include screws, nuts & bolts, or drywall anchors. If you decide to move your rifle wall hook, you’re going to be left with a bunch of holes. We hope you enjoy patching drywall! If you’re outdoors away from a table, forget it – your rifle is going to be on the ground.

With the Redneck Rifle Hanger, we’ve solved all these issues. You won’t need to drill anywhere. You won’t need to bring any tools. You won’t have to use your last free Saturday to patch your drywall. Mobility is key and this is why we’ve made this tool. Want it moved? No problem, just hang it somewhere else. Done.

The Redneck Rifle Hanger is MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA – employing Americans and helping to feed our families. Each purchase is greatly appreciated and with American quality and pride involved, you can be sure that your Redneck Rifle Hanger will last a lifetime.

If you purchase two or more rifle hangers, you’ll have the option of receiving free shipping at checkout.

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