What are the best Christmas gifts for gun owners?

What are the best Christmas gifts for gun owners you ask? That’s a really tough question. That’s probably why you’re reading this. As gun owners, we know we want to use with our guns, most likely have multiple guns for multiple purposes and we do have a dream list but only after hours, days, and weeks of research. We really don’t want someone buying us random scopes, grips, or any other type of hardware for our guns unless we’ve specifically asked for it.

Let’s start out with what we feel could be useful everyday items. Let’s start with the obvious categories:

  • Cheap and useful
  • Expensive and useful
  • Gift cards
  • Ammo

Cheap and Useful

Want to save some money? Ya. Some things we’re constantly in need of such as cleaning supplies, steel targets, free printable paper targets, ammo cans, MAGAZINES, and pickable protective cases always make great gifts.

Of course, our favorite is for every AR owner – our very own Redneck Rifle Hanger (Made in the USA, by the way)

Expensive and Useful

Let’s bump things up a level. Looking for the best Christmas gifts for gun owners that cost a little (or a lot) more? Again, skipping gun hardware – let’s jump into those gifts that may be really useful but just not something your gun owner wants to spend the money on.

  • Tactical ballistic or bump helmets: Everyone needs a good helmet. With helmets, you definitely get what you’re paying for. Not everyone is going to need a ballistic helmet, but most people will appreciate a tactical bump helmet.
  • Hearing protection: Ear plugs and ear muffs work, but with technology available gun owners now want to hear what’s going on, be able to communicate, and if possible, even turn the volume (and awareness) of the environment up – all while protecting hearing. We currently use Walker’s Silencer BT 2.0 as our earbuds of choice. Check out pewpewtactical.com’s article on ear protection “10 Best Shooting Ear Protection

Gift Cards

Who doesn’t like gift cards? Onward.


Ammo good. No ammo, bad. Ammo is really hard to find in stores, but you can still find it online. Ammoseek is a good site to start your search. There are others as well. All with the same basic principal of listing the type of ammo, location, and price.