When it comes to finding cheap AR-15 accessories, there are lots of options. When it comes to high-quality, cheap AR-15 accessories – things get a little tougher to find. Like most firearm accessories, items that are affordable tend to be made in China. Chinese quality is typically low. The general thought is “It’s cheap enough that if it breaks, I can just get another.”

I’ve always been the guy that looks for a good deal, but if it comes down to quality vs. price when dealing with firearm accessories, quality always wins. What about accessories that aren’t necessarily used on your weapon, but for your weapon? Same. Imagine purchasing a rifle mount for your closet made from cheap metal or plastic that breaks when used. What type of damage happens when that part breaks?

Redneck Rifle Hangers are made in the USA and will last a lifetime. We make the RNRH from a single piece of bright stainless steel. The ends are capped and the two touchpoints are covered in soft vinyl to protect your firearm. When it comes to finding a high-quality and cheap AR-15 accessory, it’s a must-have.

What is a Redneck Rifle Hanger good for?

Keeping your AR out of dirt, mud, and moisture is key to keeping it performing properly. If you’re in the woods a RNRH is the perfect AR-15 accessory to have with you – allowing you to hang your rifle from any horizontal element that can hold the weight.

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