Why is buying American and “Made in the USA” is so important to us and why does it give us that extra warm and fuzzy feeling? Here are our reasons for making sure that our product continues to be made right here in America – specifically, Michigan.

made-in-usaSlowly, people are realizing that they would rather buy one quality American made item that lasts a lifetime than to buy a cheaper Chinese knockoff over and over. As a consumer, when I buy a product, I want my product to last and be able to count on it when needed. I don’t have the time to run to the store every time a cheap tool made from low-quality materials or processes breaks when I need it, nor do I want to. I would rather purchase one product that’s Made in the USA and have it for life. When my grandfather passed away, his machine shop had American made tools and machines that were 20, 30, and 40+ years old and still running strong.

Skilled workers – Use them or lose them
When I had the idea for the Redneck Rifle Hanger, luckily we had a wire bending company here in our area and a vinyl coating company in Kalamazoo, MI that was willing to work with me, allowing me to come into the shop and through trial and error, take my idea, tweak it, and make it real. Having companies that allow you to prototype and make changes because they want your product to succeed is a great resource – especially when they’re local. Having people locally that know what type of metal to use in order to allow for a smooth, strong bend, and then how to reproduce those bends by hand over and over to specification is still impressive to watch. Of course, a rifle hanger isn’t the most intricate product that they can make, but it’s nice to know that by selling a product that is made here in the U.S., they and their skills are being supported so that they’ll continue to be around for the next product.

Supporting the local economy
Ok, so I admit – we’re a pretty small company, but with one local product, we are helping to support 3 companies and roughly 50 employees in our area. Purchasing any product that is made in the USA keeps our money here and keeps our families here as well.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased product since launch earlier this year and please continue to spread the word!