We’re currently giving away two (2) of our Redneck Rifle Hangers. What exactly is a Redneck Rifle Hanger? It’s a rifle rack for your AR-15 that you can hang anywhere you can hang a coat hanger. One of our users had this to say:

“It’s a brilliantly simple tool to keep my AR handy.”

…and it’s true. A super sturdy and simple AR-15 rifle rack that you can hang anywhere gives you freedom to keep your AR-15 off the ground or hidden in your closet between two ugly suits for quick acquisition.

Enter the rifle hanger giveaway by filling out the form below. This is the info we’ll use to ship your Redneck Rifle Hanger if you win, so make sure your info is correct. We wouldn’t want to send it to your neighbor. ;)

There will be two winners chosen randomly on April 15 from all entries because even though it’s tax day, we all need something to look forward to.