Looking for men’s Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Ladies, we’re going to let you in on a secret. Men want guns from you on Valentine’s Day. Actually, they don’t want a gun from you as much as they want you to give them the green light on purchasing that gun they’ve been obsessing over. So, what you ask, can you get him? Well, that’s an easy one. Gun accessories!

You see, once we get our guns, we need things that make them more useful and easier to use. This is where I plug our product called the Redneck Rifle Hanger. If your husband or boyfriend has a rifle, there’s a good chance that he’s got an AR-15. If he has an AR-15, he could use an easy way to store that rifle short term or long term by hiding it unloaded it in a closet between some old suits.

Oh – and one more thing. Many of us play airsoft. It’s kind of like Pinterest – except that instead of sharing ideas with each other, we shoot each other with tiny plastic bb’s. If your husband or boyfriend comes home with tiny, pink welts all over his body – and he isn’t a beekeeper, there’s a good chance that he plays airsoft too. The Redneck Rifle Hanger fits all AR-15/M4 style airsoft rifles as well.

Happy Valentine’s Day!