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Stealth Black Rifle Hanger

//Stealth Black Rifle Hanger

Stealth Black Rifle Hanger

Stealth Black Rifle Hangers Now Available

Hiding your rifle in plain sight – for quick and easy acquisition is what the Redneck Rifle Hanger was made for. Previously, we created the Redneck Rifle Hanger with a red neck so that you can easily and quickly identify exactly where your rifle is in a full closet. Lately, we’ve been getting requests from our customers who also already have hangers that are red or currently have dark hangers and want their AR-15 to be hidden even more completely. Providing pure black rifle hangers seemed to make sense to us. First, it’s a little cheaper to manufacture (see the slightly cheaper price passed on to you) and second and most importantly – it’s what you wanted.

We are grateful to all of our existing customers. We appreciate the amazing feedback and adoption into the community of freedom-loving AR-15 owners. We wish the warmest Thanksgiving to you and your families.

God bless.

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